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Production process in W-Pex® company

When you buy from W-Pex, you bet on the development of Polish companies.

Every stage of production takes place in Poland – from the creation of an individual product design to its manufacturing.

The production process in our company is almost completely transparent. Our customers know exactly which materials are used to manufacture their products, which marking techniques are used and which equipment we use on a daily basis.

The possibility of interfering with the created product at every stage of the production process guarantees the highest possible quality.

konfekcjonowanie toreb

4 stages of the production process


Placing the order

Stage 1: Placing the order


When you decide to buy an ecological bag, which will serve as an advertisement, it is worth having a vision of the project in your head. However, if you do not have it, we will help you to create it based on your company logo. At this stage you need to tell us what kind of product you are interested in and in what quantity we should make it. With this information we are able to price the project.


Product visualisation and customer acceptance

Stage 2: Product visualisation and customer acceptance

projektowanie wizualiazacji

Once we have agreed on a quote we proceed to create a visualisation of the product taking into account all guidelines. The created design is sent for your approval. Here you can finally make corrections.


Starting the project

Stage 3: Starting the project

Znakowanie materiałów
Once you accept the design we can proceed to our main specialisation – production.

Thanks to the experience of our employees and reliable Juki machines your order will soon be in your hands.

Packaging and shipping

Stage 4: Packaging and shipping

Kurier dostarcza przesyłkę

The finished product undergoes the process of packaging. Properly secured, it is delivered to the courier who delivers the order to the customer’s door.


The waiting time for the ready product, starting from the day of the first contact with the customer is about 10 days. However, taking into account the current availability of fabrics and the planned production, the lead time may be slightly changed, about which we inform our customers.

Priority orders are processed in an accelerated mode. So if you are worried that your order will not reach your hands on time, be sure to let us know.

At every stage of order processing we are in constant contact with the customer, which allows us to create a product that the customer will be fully satisfied with.

Yes. Thousands of customers have already found this out. You can find some of them in the
They trusted us” subpage.

Our products owe their highest quality and precision to our experienced staff and the machines we use every day. We have a machine park equipped with Japanese industrial Juki devices.These machines are synonymous with reliability and accuracy. Working with them is extremely efficient, thanks to which orders are delivered to customers in a short time. Even in the case of large print runs. You can find out more about our company on the “About company” subpage.
When printing on advertising bags, we usually use a professional screen printing machine. The logo can be printed in 9 full colours or full colour thanks to pantone colour separation.

If your logo has many details or a wide colour palette we recommend a transfer print. The quality achieved is comparable to that of screen printing, however it allows for more accurate graphics such as photos to be applied to the fabric.

We are also familiar with embroidery. At the customer’s request we make personalised embroidery using professional machines.

We also offer sewing a decorative label into the bag, on the surface of which the client’s company logo is placed. Attention to such small details makes these products very popular.

More on this subject can be found on the “Marking of fabrics” subpage.
Our company focuses on satisfactory cooperation with the customer. All suggestions and ideas are considered by us and, as far as possible, implemented.

As our customer you decide on:
  • the amount of print run,
  • the fabric,
  • the colour of the fabric,
  • size,
  • overprint,
  • additional elements, e.g. labels,
  • lead time.

We have been trusted by such companies as:

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