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Import of ecological bags - why do we focus on it?

The import of ecological bags, that we have chosen in our company, allows us to carry out even more orders.

As a result, the number of our clients is constantly growing, and we  of cooperation with the largest brands in Poland.

However, the decision to import was not made overnight. We had to find a factory whose products are of the same high quality as those coming out of our machine park.

And it worked!

This factory has implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and the quality of imported products does not differ from the products of our Polish brand W-Pex®.

Regular cooperation allowed us to obtain lower prices, to the satisfaction of both our and our customers.

The most popular models available immediately

The most popular models available immediately

Large inventory

Large inventory

Shortened time of realization

Shortened time of realization

Imported ecological bags - why should you bet on them?

As a company, the import of products has provided us with many new development paths.

However, we are not the only ones who benefit from the advantages of this solution. After all, it is thanks to our clients that we can constantly develop. Having our clients  in mind we made the decision to import.

And what benefits can you count on – as the recipient of our products? Discover the most important advantages of import, which will dispel your doubts about this solution once and for all.

A sudden corporate party and you don’t have any company gadget? Or maybe the cotton bags sold so far went faster than you expected? There are many reasons why fast production of cotton bags is necessary. For us, it does not matter what prompts you to take such a step – all that matters is to complete the order for you as soon as possible. Import comes to the rescue in such urgent situations. It is thanks to import that we are able to quickly execute all urgent orders, even if they concern wholesale quantities of products.

We know very well that not every company is convinced of the effectiveness of cotton bags or other products made of natural fabrics. If you belong to this group or your budget is simply limited – we recommend you buy imported products. Although their price is significantly lower than that of bags produced from scratch in our machinery park, it does not mean that their quality is also the same. On the contrary! The imported products on which we have chosen do not differ in quality from those created in our country.

Import of goods gave us the opportunity to cooperate with more customers. Although the machine park at our disposal provides us with the highest quality of work, with its help we would not be able to fulfill such a large number of orders as we are dealing with today. That is why we focused on a foreign company whose products made of natural fabrics do not differ in quality from ours. Thanks to this cooperation our warehouses are filled with products and fabrics up to the very ceiling. If you place an order for imported printed bags in bulk, the realization will only cover the process of the printing technique you choose.

It has been known for a long time that importing goods from abroad is a more profitable solution than production in Poland. It is used especially by developing companies. However, looking for a distributor of natural fabric bags on your own may turn out to be quite a challenge. Finding it on your own is not only time-consuming, but very often results in dissatisfaction with the ordered goods. The W-Pex company has taken all the steps for you. We found the best manufacturer of cotton bags, whose products are of the highest quality. And their price is really attractive. So save yourself unnecessary expenses and wasted time and bet on imported products from our offer. We assure you that in the case of our company you will not be disappointed.

How long does it take to process the order?

The time of execution of import orders at W-Pex depends on several factors.

If you choose the most popular models available in our regular offer, we make them almost immediately. Even when it comes to mass orders!

Models that you can find in our regular offer are in Polish warehouses in wholesale quantities. This means that you do not waste a lot of time on importing.

In the case of orders for larger quantities of products, taking into account individual specifications (e.g. non-standard colors or sizes), it is about 3 months.

The products are labeled according to the customer’s guidelines and sent to the address provided.

The process of fulfilling an order for imported promotional bags is similar to the process of realizing bags from our Polish production. It consists of three stages, and you will be kept informed about the course of each of them. Remember that you can contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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