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What fabrics are our products made of?

We use the highest quality materials for all our items, which are responsible for their excellent durability. As a result, they are durable and safe, and our bags are additionally able to withstand considerable loads, to which they are particularly exposed during grocery shopping.

The different fabrics vary in their properties, so they can be perfectly matched to the conditions in which they will be used.

The type of material also has an impact on the length of use, both for eco bags and our other products.


Available colors

kolory materialow

Choosing the right color for promotional bags is no small matter. Apart from purely visual issues, colors play a significant role in emotions which they evoke in us. Yellow color is associated with joy and evokes positive feelings in people who look at it. Blue is responsible for feelings of calmness. 

Choosing a color for promotional bags from the available offer, you should bet on the one that will be consistent with the company’s philosophy.

Why color matters you will find out from our Blog. Welcome!


Cotton used in the production of advertising bags has a grammage of 140-350 g/m2. Focusing on the ecological character of our products, this material could not be missing from our workshop.

The way it is obtained is completely ecological – it comes from the fiber surrounding the plant with the same name as its product. Cotton fiber has a characteristic structure that gives it natural strength and durability.

Our cotton bags do not lose their quality for a long time – get to know our offer!

bawelna140 kwad
drelich bawelniany 245 280 300 350
Example of a cotton bag

Example of a cotton bag

elanobawelna245 kwad
Example of an apron made of elan-cotton

Example of an apron made of elan-cotton


Jest specjalną tkaniną przeznaczoną do szycia odzieży zawodowej.

Due to its durability, resistance to friction and mechanical damage, it works well in industry, gastronomy, services and even as clothing for medical applications. 

It has a high grammage of 180g-245/m2 and is nice to the touch.

It can be washed at high temperatures (up to 95°C / 203°F depending on the type) and its colors will still remain intense.

Therefore, it is the best material for aprons – see our offer.


The weight of the linen from which our advertising bags are made is 190 g/m2.

Linen is a material almost created for the production of reusable bags. It is highly resistant to stretching and surface abrasion.

It is also attributed with antibacterial properties – for this reason, ecological bags made of linen are perfect for grocery shopping.

The surface of the linen does not get mouldy, which means that our advertising bags made of linen can keep their perfect condition even for several years.

len kwad 2
Example of a linen bag

Example of a linen bag

Example of a jute bag

Example of a jute bag


For fans of the material jute, we also offer bags made from this fibre.

Thanks to the canvas weave, these bags are ideal for larger purchases. All thanks to their high durability and resistance to stretching.

The weight of the jute from which we sew our ecological promotional bags is 180g/m2.

For many years jute has been used in the production of decorative elements. Our bags, to the production of which we pay the greatest attention, also have aesthetic qualities. It is not without reason that we are happy to carry out orders for jute bags – this material is washable and thus fits perfectly into the zero waste philosophy of W-Pex®.

Polypropylene non-woven

Non-woven polypropylene is a recyclable plastic material.

The weight of the non-woven fabric used in the production of our advertising bags is 80-130g/m2.

Of the three materials available in our range, the polypropylene non-woven fabric is the least likely to show creases. However, it is slightly more difficult to keep clean. This does not mean that its durability is much lower.

The bag made of non-woven polypropylene should be washed at low temperatures to preserve its quality. Then it can serve for up to 2 years.

pp80 kwad2
Wide range of colors

Wide range of colors

NEW! - Sealed bags

NEW! - Sealed bags

Fabric weaves available in our offer

Cotton denim

220- 350 g/m2

Cotton denim

Kind of strong, thick, half-linen or linen fabric made in twill weave, with triple warp. Drelich is used as a material for, among others, cotton bags, sacks, covers or pencil cases.


140 g/m2


Canvas weave - one of the basic weaving weaves, which is also the basis for the creation of derived weaves. In this weave, fabrics commonly referred to as linen are made.




Linen, like cotton, is found in linen weave, which is one of the basic weaving weaves.

Polypropylene non-woven

80 - 130 g/m2


Despite the tight weave of the individual fibres, it is well air-permeable and can therefore be used in manufacturing with different specifications.

. The structure of polypropylene fibre is similar to that of glass fibre. The individual strands run in different directions, which means that at low weight it can weight can carry more weight.

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